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     Hampshire Fence Company installs all types of pool fencing for both residential, public, and semi-public applications. The BOCA Pool Code is very specific in regards to the proper fencing guidelines for pool safety. These guidelines can be met with either Chain Link fencing, Decorative PVC Vinyl styles, Wood Fencing, Ornamental Aluminum or Ornamental Steel styles. Here is a list of some local building department Telephone Numbers where you can obtain more information that may be specific to your city.

Hampshire Fence is a proud dealer of these fine fence products:

Illusions Vinyl Fence, Grand Illusions Color Spectrum Color Vinyl Fence Products, Grand Illusions Vinyl Woodbond Woodgrain Vinyl Fence Products, Illusions Vinyl Railing System, Eastern Ornamental Aluminum Fence Products, Eastern White Cedar Brand Wood Fence Products
and System21 Chain Link Fence Products.

     A Chain Link fence around a residential pool will provide the proper safety requirements and meet the BOCA Pool Code, with a few modifications to the basic chain link style.  Example: Using a 4' high, 1-1/4" mesh chain link fabric, instead of the standard 2" mesh, makes the fence difficult to climb, and complies with the code. Another option would be to use lattice installed in a chain link fence. this would also make the fence difficult to climb. Access gates must be self-closing and self latching. The height of the child-proof latch mechanism is also specified in the code. Other portions of the code also apply.

Black Vinyl 1 1/4" mesh Chain Link Fence with galvanized steel framework.

Black Vinyl 1 1/4" mesh Chain Link Fence with all black vinyl framework, fittings and hardware.

    Boca Pool Code requires the gate to be self latching, and self-closing

        Auto latch

        Self closing hinge


These Vinyl and Ornamental Aluminum Styles will meet pool code, provide safety, and enhance the appearance of your yard .

Specrail Ornamental Aluminum, Style S-9

Public Pool with Privacy Lattice

Many Vinyl Fencing Styles will meet pool code.

See additional Wood, PVC, and Ornamental Aluminum styles below:

    Wood Pool Fencing:  (residential)

         A Wood Fence around a pool can comply with the BOCA Pool Code and provide adequate safety. A solid stockade style 4'-5'-or 6' would comply because there are no spaces between pickets, and thus, difficult to climb. A 4' high open picket style fence,as an example, would comply also, if the spacing between the pickets is not greater than 1 3/4".  If the spacing between the pickets is greater than 1 3/4", (between 1 3/4" and 4"), then the horizontal rails of the fence must be at least 45" apart. In order to obtain this spacing, the height of the fence must be increased to 4 1/2' to 5' (depending on the style of fence) to maintain the 45" spacing between pickets. This makes it difficult for children to get a foothold to climb the fence. Other portions of the code also apply, including the regulations for access gates.  

    A 4' High Cedar Gothic Picket Fence with 1-1/2" spacing between pickets.

    A 6' Cedar Scalloped Board Stockade Fence also provides privacy.

    PVC Decorative Vinyl Fencing:  (residential)

    The BOCA Pool Code Applies to PVC Vinyl Fencing in the same way as it applies to Wood Fence in regard to the fence height, spacing between pickets, and the distance between vertical rails when the spacing is greater than 1 3/4". (between 1 3/4" and 4") The regulations for access gates is also the same.



    This 4' high #100 semi-privacy style with 5X5 posts, has 1/2" spacing between pickets.

    This 6' stepped #31 Privacy with lattice top has 5X5 posts with gothic caps.

#85 Scalloped Spindle Top

#28 Stepped

    Ornamental Aluminum Fencing:   (Residential)

    The BOCA Pool Code also applies to Ornamental Aluminum and Ornamental Steel fencing enclosing pools. Most of the Aluminum styles have 3 rails, and a 3-3/4" spacing between pickets, so the height of the fence must be increased to either 4 1/2' or 5" (depending on style) to maintain the proper horizontal rail spacing. (45"). A 4' high, 2-rail, style S-9 Aluminum Fence will meet the code.    The same regulations apply to access gates.

4' High S-9 Storrs BOCA 2-Rail

54" High S-9 Storrs BOCA 3-Rail

54" Modified S-3 Essex 3-Rail

    This 54" S-9 Pool Fence was installed using stained 4"x4", and 5"x5" wood posts with ornamental caps.

For Pool safety, we use the Magna-Latch on all Ornamental Aluminum Gates:

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